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Britain's Got Talent Sex of facebook fans convinced they know who masked magician is - and it's a familiar face Britain's Got Talent viewers have come up with a convincing theory over the mysterious act's identity.

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In a non-religious country like Switzerland where suicide is no longer illegal, is a forum where it is legal to discuss legal exit methods?

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The fact is, the un-photoshopped ones appeared on on our website as there were two image discs so one got uploaded in error.

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What punishment would you suggest for a 16 year old girl sending risque picture messages?

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There are several sites that show it, including nudism websites.

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Fabinho Chelsea fans think they spotted Fabinho doing something disgusting to Eden Hazard Liverpool star Fabinho has been accused of doing something disgusting to Eden Hazard against Chelsea.

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We were never going to broadcast Michaela "topless".

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Then the show posted an unedited picture from the shoot online.

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