17 19 year old dating.

17 19 year old dating. Brigading, witch hunting, etc.

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Better safe than sorry.

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It's a two year difference and as long as you both consent it's fine.

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It all depends and the age difference just makes your relationship more unique!

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Mod www.

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Now you're under 16 years of age of the year old female.

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Advertising products, music, etc.

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A history of in-depth answers is a plus.

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If she were 19 and in High school no go, if she was 17 and out of high school no go.

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Idk if this is serious or not considering all the shitposts lately, but if you're being serious then yes, it's completely ok.

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I think as long as you have talked over everything sex, consent, consequences, respect in relationships with your child assuming one of these is your child then I see no problem with it.

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