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AJ was disturbed as he returned home early and discovered his wife in bed with his closest companion Bill.

Even after being pregnant.

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All of them knew my wife and crowded around her and Peter in the living room.

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He got up at 8 am when he saw the bedroom door closed he went to the kitchen and had breakfast.

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But something about my daily life was about to change.

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After a couple minutes of Christina grinding her ass into my nose and mouth she told me that I didn't deserve any more of her ass and to go take my wife's lovers pants off so I could see the best mature pussy a real cock was supposed to look like and what would be fucking her and my wife later that night.

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We slept in separate beds.

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Instead, the house was perfectly silent, except for the sound of springs squeaking coming from the master bedroom.

His wife had reminded him to change the sheets in the bedroom so it would be fresh when she and Bill got back.

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