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This is key here!

Negative thinking is like a rut.

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If you can acquire that strong James- Bond charm that can sweep women off their feet, you are dead on the money.

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Equally, avoid saying anything negative about women and their faithfulness unless it is meant in a light hearted and fun way.

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Preamble The idea of this book is to prepare you for attracting the kind of women you want and desire.

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Here are the fundamental tools you can use to attract a woman.

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Not to look fashionable as such, but to show you have your own style and you look good in it.

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In this eBook:

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Negative thinking is like a rut.

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Well you wont suddenly grow to 6 foot and then shed off all that extra weight.

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There is just as fine a difference between mean and in control as there is between jerks and real ladies-men.

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