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Dating rrssr. Generally, the hydrogen source for the process of the present invention ur cooks steakhouse selected from isopropanol, formic acid, organic or inorganic salts of formic acid, or a combination thereof.

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As illustrated in the core morphinan structure, there may be four chiral carbons, i.

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The terms "halogen" or "halo" as used herein alone or as part of another group refer to chlorine, bromine, fluorine, and iodine.

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Surprisingly, addition of all of the proton acceptor at the start of the reaction or before the reaction becomes heterogeneous results in lower yields, less stereoselective conversion, and increased impurities.

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In another embodiment, the epimeric ratio of 6-beta-hydroxy to 6-alpha-hydroxy may be at least about

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The process of claim 5, wherein the ligand is chosen from:

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Koolpe et al.

As used herein, the term "stall" refers to a reaction in which the conversion stops completely or slows to such a slow rate that it is essentially stopped.

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