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Harry potter lesbian fanfiction nc 17. Hermione sat mouth agape, as Pansy sauntered out.

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November 17, Updated:

It did not help that she caught Hermione taking sidelong glances at her as well.

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I know what you're thinking.

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A school being run by Voldemort and his fucking Death Eaters?

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And what about that black eye I received from that damned Punching Telescope or that

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When Hermione stayed silent, Pansy slid her skirt down her legs and began lightly brushing over her wet knickers.

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Luna was not a normal girl and well, this was what made Luna attractive.

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She let out an inarticulate cry, retreating backwards until she collided with the wall.

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Strange, but consensual.

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Seriously, this is the loveliest comment, it rather blew me away.

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