How important is sex to marriage.

How important is sex to marriage. Similar to the effect grnny mature tubes has on nursing mothers oxytocin is responsible for the "let down" reflex in breastfeedingoxytocin can create a sense of calmness and contentedness.

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Levine, G.

The relational benefits of sex are assisted by the chemicals our bodies make:

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While each person probably has a unique answer to this, I think of intimacy as both an accessory and a necessity to marriage.

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Sex with someone you are not in love with can still be pleasurable but doesn't fulfill the emotional need, which is why it is better to save this for someone you care about.

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A friend of mine and I have often discussed between us just how important sex is in our marriages.

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The release of oxytocin, in addition to being calming, can contribute to bonding and greater emotional intimacy.

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