Why do men run away from me.

Why do men run away from me. I'm a med student in my second year!

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I been dating this guy for 3months we been doing really great.

Men do what we want — most of the time.

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I have been dating….

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I think that Ashley needs to make a more concerted effort to read the signs that men are giving her, rather than latina sex tumbler blindly throwing herself at random men.

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Motorist dies after crashing into tree in St Ann.

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Lots of guys gave been badly hurt by women, so they're reluctant to open their hearts again.

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If he fixes things with the ex or if his inamorata becomes available, he doesn't know how to tell you the truth so he might abruptly break off with you without explanation.

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Most Helpful Girl.

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But if you take the challenge out of the hunt he might lose interest quickly.

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Some perspective might help — how many times have you blown off men who have approached you?

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He might be accustomed to a certain way of living and he knows that being in a serious relationship is going to threaten life as he knows it.

Many men are put off by women approaching them first.

Reason 2:

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